Service Levels

The following service level commitments are available only to paid customers of TeamGram, provided that their accounts are in good standing, they comply with the terms of service, and their payments are not past due date as of the date of support request or downtime:

Downtime Compensation:

TeamGram will make all reasonable efforts to provide 99.33% or higher uptime in any given calendar month. Should the service uptime fall below this level, we will provide a service credit as outlined below:

Uptime Service Credit
%<99.33 %0
%99 – %99.33 %5
%95 – %99 %25
%>95 %50

Any service credits granted may be offered either as discounts or free service periods, at our discretion. No cash credits are given.

Customers affected by downtime must claim their service credits using the feedback form on our website, with clear indication of the disruption times observed, no later than 7 days after the end of the billing period during which the disruption took place. We will check system logs to verify any claims and respond within 10 business days.

Service Requests:

We will respond to customer service requests according to the following schedule:

Severity Availability Response Time
System is unavailable for all users
24*7 1 hour
System is unavailable for some users with no workaround possible
24*7 3 hours
Problem affecting partial services or a specific customer, or other problems with possible workarounds
24*5 (CET) 1 day

All service requests must be made through the feedback form at the TeamGram website, or should the website be unavailable at that time, by sending an email to “support [@]”.

Backup Policy

As part of our disaster recovery plans, we take hourly backups of the databases containing user data, and electronically transmit them to secure servers at a different geographic location. Should there be a loss of data due to a disaster, we will make every effort to restore the latest available hourly backup as soon as possible.

Our standard data backup policy does not allow for backup copies to be delivered to users, due to security reasons. Backups for individual customers are available upon written request by authorized officials of such customers on a case by case basis, at a service fee of $200 per request. These backups will include all database records of all users of that customer. TeamGram makes no claims regarding the compatibility of these backups for restoration on any platform other than TeamGram. We reserve the right to request documents certifying authority to take ownership of these backups before handing them over, and deny any requests where sufficient proof of identity and authorization are not provided.