The Visual Way To Manage Sales

It’s hard to manage the invisible. So start with making sales more visual.
View your pipeline, its stages, and opportunities. See who is in charge of each opportunity. Find out
which deals are neglected before it is too late. Watch the dashboard for up-to-date results and forecasts.

Got The Big Picture?
Now Dive Into Details

Instant access to everything about an opportunity:

Expected value and closing time
Meeting notes and emails
Quotes, prices, discounts
Scheduled activities
Documents, pictures, files

The Secret of Top Sellers: Repeatable Sales Processes

You may have noticed that the largest companies achieve extraordinary sales turnover even with ordinary teams.

The secret is in well-designed and well-managed business processes that can be successfully repeated every time.

TeamGram visualizes your sales process. It lets you dominate at a glance, everything works smoothly.

What the factory is to manufacturing, TeamGram is to sales.

Accurate Information,
Accurate Decision

Everything you need to make the accurate decision is at your hands.

Which resources are more efficient, what actions should be taken to increase sales, which sales people are more successful?

TeamGram CRM gives you easy access to all the information you need to make decisions.

Drag & Drop.
As Easy As It Gets

We made it easy to interact with your sales pipeline.

To update the stage of an opportunity, simply drag it from one column to the next. TeamGram will automatically calculate totals and forecasts.

Your Sales.
Your Process.

Who knows how to best sell to your customers? You, of course.

That is why TeamGram has customizable sales pipelines you can configure to match the way you sell.

Set the stages of your sales process. You can even have multiple sales pipelines for different kinds of sales.

Speed Up Sales with Email Templates

Create reusable email templates.

Help your team respond to customers faster and more consistently.

Set Sales Targets

Set targets for individuals, departments, or the entire company.

Then track their progress from the sales goals dashboard. Live.

Don't Let Anything Fall
Between The Cracks.

Planning sales activities with TeamGram is easy.

Manage upcoming sales calls, meetings, delivery dates, and more.
Add checklists to complex tasks.
Create recurring activities for periodically repeated tasks like contract renewals.
Pipeline View

Glanceable kanban view of your opportunities.

Inactivity Monitor

Spot neglected opportunities before it's too late.

Sales Reports

Why wait? Get the numbers in real-time.

Sales Forecasts

See what's coming, so you can act.

Quote Builder

Flawless sales quotes in minutes.

Read Tracking

Know when your customer gets your quote.


Plan your moves to close. See what's due.


Send invoice data to compatible accounting systems.

The CRM Sales Professionals Love to Use

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