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B2B Sales Factory

Learn how best-selling businesses build, manage, and grow their sales processes.

Market-leading companies work with highly efficient sales teams that consistently exceed targets and scale effortlessly. In a way, they are like factories, consistently producing wins.  Ever wondered how they set up their sales processes to keep growing non-stop?

Here are some key insights from this book:

  • Why CRM is a Must-Have: Discover why every fast-growing company swears by CRM systems.
  • Understanding Lead Qualification: Learn what it is and why it's crucial.
  • Spotting a Qualified Lead: Know the signs that show potential in a lead.
  • Lead to Opportunity: Find out when and how to convert a lead to an opportunity.
  • Using Metrics: See how numbers can guide better sales decisions.
  • Crafting Sales Quotes: What separates a good quote from a great one.
  • The Role of Sales Quotes: Why quotes matter and how they fit into the sales process.
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