Build No-Code Business Applications

Need new apps that leverage the power of your CRM data?
Now you can build them yourself.

Create Interactive Boards

Automatically build canvas views to manage your processes with ease.

Drag and drop objects to update.

Stop wasting time in spreadsheets. See the big picture at a glance.

No-Code. No Wait.

Don't let weeks of software development slow you down. Most apps can be created in minutes, without any programming skills.

Service Requests
Field Reports
Problem Reports
Consent Forms
Maintenance Contracts
HR Candidates
Cost Approvals
Customer Feedback

List Views

Easily list, sort and filter the records created with the custom forms you have designed.

Work with live data, not static reports.

Calendar Views

TeamGram automatically creates calendar views that use date fields in the custom forms you design.

Use them to display time-sensitive information in ways spreadsheets can never match.

Control Access to Sensitive Information

Custom form-based apps you develop in TeamGram support the same level of security controls and features available throughout your CRM.

  • Record-level access control
  • Department settings and hierarchical authorization
  • Automatic authorization updates during organizational changes
  • SSL and multi-factor authentication
  • Automatic access revocation and data hand-off for terminated users

Custom Forms For Unique Needs

Have form-based internal processes? Now you can run them inside TeamGram.

Create custom fields of any type. Link your forms to other CRM records.

Access your custom forms using web browsers or mobile apps.


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Professional executive
Kimberly Quinn

“TeamGram has made our job a lot easier. We have developed many applications suitable for our needs with user-friendly special forms. It is very valuable for us to be able to reach them via mobile phones.”

Ceyda Arıcan
Human Resources

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Sales executive
Amelia Fields

Fully Integrated with CRM Records

Use any combination of TeamGram's standard fields or new custom fields in your applications.

Start using existing CRM records in your new custom forms without having to import or re-create them.

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