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Easily share deal updates, sales quotes, and files. Instantly access customer details. Assign tasks, and track progress—all from an intuitive newsfeed.

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Customer Relationship Management
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Incredibly Easy to Use

Forget complex CRMs. Managing customer relationships is as simple as posting an update on a social network.

Zero Setup

MidiCRM is ready to use from day one. No complex configuration, no training, and no prior CRM expertise needed.

Maximum Security

Access controls and a world class security infrastructure means your valuable data is protected against internal and external threats.

The News Feed: See What Your
Team Is Working On

Meeting notes, sales quotes, customer feedback… If it’s important, it’s here.

Looking for specific information? You can also search for keywords and filter the news feed by department, team member or tags. It all works amazingly fast.

Forget Forms. Post a Note Instead.

No need to fill out a different form after every customer interaction.

Write a simple note in plain language, choose the relevant tags and post it to the newsfeed. It is the most natural and flexible way to share information. You can even attach files and add customer links to your notes.

Get A 360-Degree View of Your Customer

Customer information scattered across different systems? Not with MidiCRM.

Click on a customer’s name and instantly list every note about them posted by any member of your team in any department. Negotiation notes, quotes, contracts, drawings, support issues and more.

Get Things Done

Create action items from notes in the news feed. Assign tasks to your users. Track progress. Get notified when a task is completed.

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User-Friendly Interface
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Zero Learning Curve

MidiCRM has transformed our onboarding process. New employees seamlessly take over customer relationships, helping us scale sales. The platform unlocks important customer info, ensuring continuity in our relationships and growth in sales.

Gustav Sorensen
Sales Director, Aurora Industrial Mfg