Keep Your Team Connected

Transform how your team communicates with MidiCRM’s streamlined news feed. Post anything important and share securely with your team:

  • Customer Interactions: Log every meeting and phone call.
  • Sales Updates: Share sales quotes, contracts and other documents.
  • Quick Access: Click on a customer’s name for full details.
  • Simplify Communication: Reduce internal emails and unnecessary meetings.

Stay informed and efficient, effortlessly.

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Speak Your Mind, Skip the Forms

At MidiCRM, we believe in keeping things simple. Describe events and updates in your own words, using plain language. Our smart system uses tags and linked records to organize your notes without endless forms, making information sharing a breeze.

An Effortless Customer Database

MidiCRM helps you effortlessly build a valuable customer database. When you jot down a note about a new customer, you can create their CRM record right then and there—without losing your train of thought. No need to jump through frustrating menus.

Share Files: Secure and Easy

Forget the hassle of cryptic filenames and insecure shared drives. MidiCRM lets you add context to the files you share—attach notes, tags, link them to CRM records and set permissions. Upload any file type, attach multiple files to notes if needed, and find anything instantly. It's the smart way to handle sales documents, contracts, and more.

Connecting The Pieces

In MidiCRM, every piece of information is interconnected. A sales quote can link to a customer profile, which can be connected to contacts and past meetings, giving you a complete, 360-degree view of your customers.

Quick Tags and Easy Filters

Speed through your news feed with help from our built-in and customizable tags. Use these tags to browse or filter the feed to show only the notes you're interested in, saving you time and effort.

Activity Management

MidiCRM doesn’t just keep you informed; it helps you act. Add tasks directly to notes, set due dates, and assign them to team members. MidiCRM tracks these activities and notifies you upon completion, keeping everyone accountable and on track.

Data Security, Your Way

Take control of your data with MidiCRM. Manage access permissions at the individual or department level, and secure your data further with optional multifactor authentication and IP restrictions.

Build Your Own Apps, No Coding Required

Want to expand MidiCRM’s capabilities? Use our no-code form builder to create custom business applications in minutes. These apps integrate seamlessly with MidiCRM, enhancing your CRM experience without any coding.

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Need More Advanced Features?

If you're ready for more advanced CRM capabilities, upgrading is easy. TeamGram CRM, our comprehensive solution, offers enhanced features like lead and pipeline management and quote automation. Transition from MidiCRM to TeamGram CRM smoothly, taking all your data with you.

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